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Keenberg Ranch

What Is A CSA?

CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a method of receiving the freshest, straight from the farm, collected and packaged today produce and eggs. You, the customer, purchase a "share" of the year's produce harvest from our family farm in north-eastern Los Angeles county. You'll pick up a bag of vegetables, herbs, in-season fruits, even eggs, from one of our delivery locations. 

How Is THIS One Different?

First, I don't require you purchase an entire season up front. While I offer full season purchasing at a discount, many prefer the every-four-weeks option. 

Second, I offer an array of add on items. Eggs from our own farm raised hens. Goat milk products from local herds, from soaps to raw. Love flowers? I do too, so we offer weekly flowers as well. Local raw honey? Of course! Award winning jams, jellies, preserves and pickles? You bet!

Third, I use techniques designed to maximize food production while minimizing water usage and without pesticides or chemicals of any kinds. My soil is weeded by my chickens and fertilized by my livestock because, after all, even pig poop is organic!

Where Are Your Drop Offs?

We currently offer three drop off locations. Burbank  Lancaster (near AVC on Monday afternoons) and Rosamond (near Rosamond High on Wednesday afternoons).

Want me to deliver nearer you? Get two friends to also ask for your location and be within 80 miles of my farm (93535) and we can probably get you started.

Want to get signed up? It's so easy, drop me an email and I'll send you all the prospective member information!