raised right. Tastes right.

Keenberg Ranch

Who Am I?

I am a child of farming families - families who moved to the suburbs as the small, family farm became financially unfeasible. So, you could also say I'm a child of the suburbs, though I spent my summers helping pick the harvests from our backyard gardens and orchards. Today, I'm thankful for the time I spent learning by my wise grandmothers' sides. Back then, I wanted to go play of course!

What Led Me Here?

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. An intensely involved, homeschooling mother to be specific. But as my son reached graduation from our home high school, I knew I would need a "next chapter" in my life. With my dreams of underwear modeling probably now unreasonable, I turned to my next career interest, starting a sustainable, biodynamic homestead in Los Angeles county's rugged north-eastern corner. We've been out here for seven years now, my husband and I, and we've realized one important thing. We don't care to raise animals just to sell them, especially if they may end up as food! Do not mistake me for a vegan who eats nothing but nuts and berries, I like bacon just like any other red blooded human! But I know, not just where my bacon came from and what my bacon ate, I GREW the food my bacon enjoyed daily. It gives me - and, in turn, you - a level of "understanding where your food comes from" that few are able to truly enjoy.

What Do I Offer?

My food garden began to feed my beloved animals. Fresh eggs are amazing, fresh eggs from chickens raised on straight from the garden produce....there's nothing like them. Over the years, my garden has expanded, grown, and flourished. I use techniques designed to maximize production without the use of much water, no pesticides and no chemicals. 

Beginning in 2020, I'm thrilled to be expanding our humble gate farm stand into weekly produce deliveries for a few member families. Imagine, a bag of freshly harvested produce, brought to you weekly from our farm! To learn more, please visit our CSA page and have a blessed day!