Who Grows Your Food?

Keenberg's Circle K Ranch

Changing how you eat, one delightful flavor at a time.

Annette Keenberg

CIRCLE K is more than just a ranch raising endangered heritage breed livestock – it's a destination like no other. It's a place where goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits roam together, as Mother Nature intended, grazing freely on whole, locally grown grasses and produce raised in our own greenhouses. Within minutes of arriving at our seasonal farm stand, you'll discover CIRCLE K RANCH combines ages-old techniques with modern technology and just a dash of whimsy and magic.

CIRCLE K RANCH celebrates the idea that nature provides the perfect diet, for humans, pets and livestock. We feed whole grains, locally raised grasses homegrown produce and fresh forage. Avoiding GMOs, pesticides, growth hormones and other processed foods ensures our chickens lay the best tasting eggs you've ever had! And nothing's better than a vase of fresh, locally grown hydroponic flowers, providing a burst of color and heavenly scent to your home or office for weeks.

Whether you need fresh eggs and veggies for your breakfast, delicious pork for your next family gathering, or glorious flowers for a friend's bridal shower, CIRCLE K RANCH awaits you with quality, fresh, naturally sustainable products.

We can't wait to meet you!